There are plenty of fish in the sea. I just suck at fishing.

There I am, sitting on my couch watching TV on a normal evening and the commercial comes on. That commercial everyone always talks about. You know that catchy phrase. More dates, more relationships, more marriages. What girl wouldn’t get sucked right into that one. You can be in a conversation anywhere and there is always that one person that likes to tell the story of “Oh I have a friend whose brothers, cousins, sisters, aunt met her husband online and they are madly in love and have three beautiful children”  

A girl can dream of meeting the perfect man at the grocery store when she drops that jar of peanut butter on the floor and in comes her knight and shining armor to pick it up for her they lock eyes and fall in love. Well, that’s my dream at least. That just doesn’t happen these days. People are more comfortable communicating online and through text messages rather than face to face.

As a 24-year-old girl living in South Florida, I believe that there is someone out there for me. Didn’t know I was going to have to go through these men like toilet paper, but hey..I’m having fun and that’s all that matters. Right ? I’m no Taylor Swift so there will be no singing here about all the men that don’t want to date me. Just my personal experiences, stories and a slight glimpse into what I like to call; The life of a serial dater.The online dating scene is new for me. But since moving down to South Florida from NY I have had my fair share of ridiculousness dealing with the opposite sex. No serious relationships, only dating. Online dating has only crossed my mind in the past year since well, one it is shoved in your face on television and facebook ads, and two, since I didn’t believe I would meet my prince charming at 2am at Blue Martini on a Saturday night.

We all have that one section in our phones from all the people we meet at bars or elsewhere. Some of mine consist of Boat Boy, Matt Blue Martini, Lance Salt, Adam 75 Main, and John at Gym. How we come up with these names, who knows. But it is our way of remembering the morning after while we are sitting with our friends with a bagel and an iced coffee, “wait, who is Mark Green Eyes Tall!?”

If you are part of the single world it may sometimes cross your mind should I do online dating? Is it embarrassing? How does it work? Do only creepy people go on dating websites? I personally know 5 couples who have met through an online dating website and are happily married, which means there has to be hope! Well, I have been on what I can call a dating escapade. I have become the definition of serial dater, and not by choice.

The past 6 months I have had subscriptions to two dating websites, the more the merrier! When signing up for an online dating website I didn’t know I was also going to be getting myself into a second job. The profiles, the emails, the winks. How do you keep up with all of that? You can say that there is no one out there to date, but online dating gives you a shopping list of men. You pick, you choose. You date.

Lets begin.


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