LOVE is blind…or is it just me?

The past few months of being a one-date -wonder I thought were never going to end. At this point I had imagined myself going on a weekend cruise to the Bahamas with my or JDate boyfriend. Again, we all have dreams.
I spent a week or two away from the computer and my dating profile. Everyone needs a breather once in a while. I knew there needed to be some changes on either the filtering of my search results online or my dating tactics.
I guess you can say I am a bit picky, but what girl isn’t; we want what we want. So, it was time to change the dating tactics. My night stand table was piling up with “how to” dating books.
My new Bible AKA
Flirtexting: How to text your way into his heart by Olivia Baniuszewics and Deborah Goldstein
Since I was cruising on the road of the next generation of love, online dating, I needed to master the communication of text. We all are well aware that no boy these days is good with F2F (face to face).  The rules are simple; they are spelled out clearly, fearlessly and with a hint of “tude”; my kind of book.
Dating in the digital age is a whole new world. You can try to get advice from your mom but if you ask her all she will say over and over again is, “well back in my day, Johnny called and asked me out; he came to my door, introduced himself to my parents, picked me up in his white Camaro with red seats and took me to a drive-in-movie.”
WAIT. A guy ACTUALLY called you and asked you out? We don’t even know what that is anymore, how ancient.
The questions you have to ask yourself can make your head spin. How long do I wait before I respond to his text? What does it mean when he doesn’t respond to my text right away? How do I reply to “how is your day?”
I learned how to create the BPT (best possible text).
I learned that you don’t send TUI’s ( text’s under the influence )
I learned just when to reply.
I learned, never be JANE.
When answering a text message you have to decide, do you want to be the flirty girl, the sassy girl, the LOL girl, the straight to the point girl, or JANE? Each girl has their own unique way of answering text messages back to their PBF ( Potential Boy Friend) 
To sum up the book in one sentence : You never want to be Jane
Jane is the eager dater. She jumps at the first text she receives from a guy telling him she is not busy, she wants to hang out, and asks what time should she be ready.
You can only imagine, the pink and yellow sticky notes coming out of all ends in this book. This page is perfect. This is a text I need to send.
There is only one thing you must have to be successful after reading this book.
A cell phone.
Wink Alert
He just winked at you 😉
Email him now –>
I passed right over his catchy headliner and went straight to the profile picture. Soft brown hair swooped to the side, ray bans on, beaming smile, sailing in the ocean. Oh, please take me with you!
I winked back and sent an email. We exchanged phone numbers and texted back and forth. I was golden now with the text messaging – I’m not usually a rule follower but this one was working.
I found out that he was from Miami. Oh great, another Miami Boy? I figured I have nothing to lose I was going to give it a try.
Where do you think I suggested to meet up? You guessed right, YOLO.
Maybe I should have been a little more creative, but he asked me to pick the place and I am a creature of habit. I received the text message “What time would be best to meet for dinner?” We were already off to a better start then the original “Miami boy”.
We decided to meet on a Thursday night; I don’t discriminate to only weekend dates. I know it may be a school night for some, but I’m on the search for love people. To me, any day that ends in “Y” can be a date day.
It can’t be this easy can it? Nope. I am about to meet up with a handsome man who flies planes, has a college education, a smile that could light up any room, and adorable family portrait on his profile that I can just insert myself right into the corner for next year’s Christmas card.
By now you know a little bit of how I operate; the outfit was chosen two nights prior to the date. Thursday morning came and I woke up to get ready for work.
I told you I don’t sing, so I wrote you all a poem.
I thought to myself “This was not happening!”But it was. If I was not as blind as a bat, this would be no problem; but I couldn’t NOT wear my contacts! There was no way I was showing up on this date wearing my “Glee” inspired, Mark Salling, dorky, run into CVS incognito, thick-black-framed glasses.
One contact? OK!
I drove to Ft. Lauderdale wearing only one contact. I can’t stay that this situation was one of my best judgment moments but good thing that this is a no judgment zone. Blurry vision wasn’t going to stop this girl.
I got to the restaurant and he was waiting at the hostess stand for me. He looked exactly like his pictures, that is, from what I could actually see. Sport coat with a button down on, jeans and dress shoes. He had made a reservation. Clean up on isle 5 we have a melted heart.
What a wonderful date. A full 3 hours where the conversation, and the drinks flowed. Chemistry and sparks were flying in the air. I played off the one contact condition quite well, smiled, laughed and enjoyed every moment on the date.
He told me that his schedule the following week was extremely busy so he wanted to make plans for that upcoming Saturday. He told me he would call me and let me know what the plans were and he was going to surprise me. You had me at surprise. I mean, you had me at hello.
On the one contact in my eye drive home, I had already decided.
Red velvet cake at the reception with a butter cream frosting.

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