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Takes 24hrs to report a missing person. Takes me 24hrs to get dumped.



His profile caught my eye. A tall, good-looking, baseball player who just moved to Florida and was going to FAU to get his MBA. There was a short and simple paragraph under his ABOUT ME section, sounds good to me. Why not? Let’s go for it. I emailed him and told him a little bit about myself. By now I have caught onto the process. A few emails, the number exchange, then the meet up plans.

We decided to meet at the Living Room, in Boynton Beach. It was actually funny because a few weeks prior to talking to him, my sister and I were shopping at Marshall’s in Boynton Beach and I was looking for living room furniture for the new apartment that I had just moved into. While leaving the store I noticed the sign “Living Room” and I thought to myself, “how clever, a store all for living room furniture”

Nope, that’s not what it is. It is a small, new, trendy bar that has trivia night every Wednesday. SURPRISE!

The Living Room is a boho chic, warm, and inviting restaurant with a cozy setting. Even though this was not in my top 10 comfort zone restaurants, I was up for something new. The restaurant is divided up in to small “living rooms” with couches for seating. SO CUTE!

When I walked in I didn’t have any searching to do considering it is an extremely small restaurant and he would stand out in any crowd being 6’4″; good thing I was wearing my 4″ heels that night.

We sat down in a private section on a couch, I was just glad this time that I didn’t have to sit completely uncomfortable on this date. No sweating, and no neck cramps. So far, so good. We ordered drinks and then decided what we were going to eat.

He said that he did reviews online before coming and that the pear pizza was their signature dish. Perfect, I like a man who does a little research. We got spinach dip for the appetizer and we split the pear pizza. YUMMY.

We had easy conversation, not forced at all. We had a few things in common like golf, we both enjoyed going to sporting events and he had an older sister like I do. Nothing awkward, at least not yet. When we finished dinner the waitress dropped off a piece of paper with questions on it and a pencil on our living room end table. UM, WHAT?

Every Wednesday the Living Room hosts trivia night, oh joy! I figured this was the perfect opportunity for me to show my skills of senseless knowledge; and by skills I mean google.

The trivia went on for about an hour. It was kind of funny, we got to work as a team and some of the questions were ridiculous.

We got to question #7. “What kind of food is this?” Food? We don’t have any food, and magically what appeared on our table from the hostess were two brown balls that looked like poo. Yes, poo. We were supposed to taste this unidentifiable “thing” and write down what we thought it was.

All I could think was “HOLY HELL SOMEONE SAVE ME IM ABOUT TO PUT POO IN MY MOUTH.” So, on the count of three we both took a brown ball and popped it into our mouths. The brown poo was actually chocolate, thank goodness. Then I got to a creamy center, and then something crunchy. All edible.

How embarrassing would that have been if I wanted to spit it out, I for sure would have never got a call back after that one. We guessed that it was chocolate, peanut butter and a pepper. It was actually chocolate, mascarpone cheese and a hot green pepper, pretty close. Shocker, but we lost the game.

Before the night ended he asked me out on a second date on Saturday. SCORE, I made it to my first second date. We said goodnight with somewhat of an awkward hug goodbye. The 6’4″ to 5’4″ ( don’t forget the heels) ratio was strange to say the least.

We talked back and forth all day thursday through text message. He told me that he was making reservations at an italian restaurant in Delray. Again, feed me and I am a happy camper.

Friday came along and I was actually looking forward to seeing him. Being the good little Jew that I am I decided to go to temple on Friday night. Around 8PM I got a text message from him. ” Hey, I just wanted to tell you that you are a really great girl and I had such a nice time with you. I am not going to be able to go out with you tomorrow because I met someone else.”

HOLD THE PHONE PEOPLE. You met someone else within 24hrs and you are canceling our dinner date? You were non-stop text messaging me the past two days. Couldn’t even wrap my thoughts around this one. Didn’t chase, left it alone.