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Friday during the day, I got a call from Pilot boy – not a text message, a phone call. There should be a sequel to the book Flirtexting called “How To Not Sound Like An Idiot When He Actually Picks Up The Phone And Calls.”
He told me that he came up with the idea to go on a dinner cruise boat called the “Jungle Queen” Sunday evening. My first Sunday date, how exciting. The Jungle Queen is an evening dinner cruise where you set sail on Fort Lauderdale’s intercostal.  You view the “famous” and “not so famous” but extremely wealthy real-estate of Florida’s residents living along the coast.
I was so thrilled! How great did that sound? So far pilot boy had done everything right; he called when he said he would, and even made the plans for the second date. This obviously gave me enough time to buy an adorable dress so that my outfit could match somewhat of a “boating” theme. Hey, I’m a girl. I said no judgment zone.
He told me the time and the place I had to meet him on Sunday. I received a text from him Saturday telling me how he was looking forward to seeing me the next day, how charming!
I got all-done-up and was ready for my Sunday evening date. My nautical looking dress with my nude wedges, soft makeup, hair down, small purse, light sweater. Done.
We had to meet at the dock because he had some prior obligations (whatever that meant) so he said he would meet me there. Well, I showed up 20 minutes early. That is a miracle in itself.
When I said “dinner cruise” I am sure what popped in your head was a big, white yacht with gleaming lights on the side glistening down on the water, tinted black windows and a butler standing on the ledge holding champagne in one hand and a cheese platter in the other waiting for me to board.
The Jungle Queen is a large, double-decker wooden boat with wooden stools for seating; which was built in 1971. I am the go-with-the flow girl remember?  I waited on the dock for about 20 minutes while everyone boarded. He called me and said he was running late, that he was really sorry but he was going to be there as soon as he could. Great, everyone is going to be mad at us because we are the late comers. ( -5 points )
We almost missed the boat. I was that girl sitting on the dock waiting, while everyone was watching. She is definitely getting stood up.  He made it just in the nick of time.
He was even more handsome in person then he was in his pictures. Or it was just my one contact in my eye blurry vision from the first date; he was a cutie-pie. 
The boat ride was great. The Captain gives entertaining commentary as he takes you past the exclusive neighborhoods and yachts. After an hour boat ride you get dropped off at what they called the “Indian Village Island,” not so much my kind of “Island.” Pina Colada anyone? 
When you arrive at the “Indian Village Island,” which is really just a lot in a subdivision, filled with lots of trees to block out the surrounding homes, you’re “herded” into what I would call a “mess hall.” It reminded me of those childhood summers I spent at sleep away camp. They sat you in long rows of tables that have bench style seating. They cram as many people at each table as they possibly can.
The picnic table style seating got people talking to their neighbors right away; hey we were all in this together. We sat next to a couple around the same age as us and we really hit it off. They were there on their 2nd anniversary date and we were there on our 2nd date; seems legit.
Once everyone was seated the madness began. Waitresses were running everywhere! Ready, set…EAT!
The tables were piled high with platters of baked beans and coleslaw. They bring out big pans of ribs, then chicken, then shrimp. The process repeats several times, until you’ve eaten “All you care to eat.”
Am I supposed to dig in here or am I supposed to act like a lady?
I waited for him to pick up the first piece of rib with his hands to make sure that this was the direction we were taking. Yup, dig in.
I am not sure if he did a lot of research on this dinner cruise but if you are looking for a romantic dinner, this is not it. Any hint of romance between you and your significant other will surely be interrupted by “Will you pass the beans?”
After everyone finished stuffing their faces with BBQ goodness and cleaning up with 15 wet-naps, there came a voice over the loud speaker; “Everyone please exit to the back for this evenings show performance.”
Show? Let’s go!
Some of you may not think this – but I love to be up close and personal when it comes to things like this. Front row it is.
Now this is no ordinary show – it’s a magic, dancing and singing show. Performed special for you by the locals of “Indian Village Island” AKA, the guy they found on craigslist the night before. 
The magic show was good – I could have made that coin disappear too. Dancing had some great moves and then came the singing. Audience participation needed.
Now, I thought to myself, I BETTER not get picked for this; but the host on the stage was calling for a “boy band” group. He jumped right off the stage and looked at pilot boy, pilot boy looked at me, and I looked at the host. He was the chosen one, and up he went. Pilot boy was joined with 4 other men to sing the Macarena.
The poor boy was on stage, spot lights beaming and sweating bullets. I don’t think my video recording was making him feel any better. He sure was a trooper. After the show it was time to get back on the boat.
At this point my face was hurting from smiling so much. He knew exactly what to say, he was outgoing, he was smart, he was funny, and his ridiculous good looks were just a bonus; all in all, he was great. The ride back was nice, a little more romantic with a night breeze, and some soft background music. Let’s not forget the soothing sounds of the crying baby that sat directly behind my left ear. We got back to the dock around 9PM. It’s a school night people!
Before we got off the dock he said, “I don’t want you to go home yet.”
I said –”OK,” what do you have in mind? He said, “let’s go to the beach.”
I just looked at him and thought, how do I say no to a face like that? We got into his car and drove down the street to the beach. He said “let’s stop off and get some wine.” It’s 9PM on a Sunday night, where are we getting wine? Gas station, keeping it real classy. 
We parked the car and walked onto the beach. Obviously it was pitch black and the only light was from the moon, which lit up the sand for us to see. It was starting to feel like something that would only happen in a movie, but I was going along for the ride. He asked me if I mind if we sat on the sand.
Not at all! Let me just sit right down in this damp sand in my brand new $60 dress. There must have been a shooting star up above because as we walked closer to the beach there was a random beach chair in the middle of the sand. Someone must have had one too many and forgot their chair that day; finally I’m having a little bit of luck!
We sat on the beach chair, looked up at the stars, and drank our mini Pinot Grigio 4 pack. 
On my drive home all I could think was… “ball gown with a fitted bodice. No…strapless, definitely strapless.”