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My boyfriend is like February 30th, he doesn’t exist.

Now how many chances do you give a guy before you finally tell them to take a hike? Break-a-date boy wasn’t always called that, he was originally blue-eyed boy. He was a Match.com dater and his profile picture was what I like to call “easy on the eyes.”
I sent him my template message “hey, I’m Lindsay..how are you ?”
He emailed me back right away. We didn’t waste any time and we exchanged phone numbers. He texted me soon after and we planned to meet at Yard House in Mizner Park for drinks. 
Before my dating adventures began I had a rule that I was not going to go out with anyone that just wanted to meet for drinks. Why couldn’t the guy just take an hour or so out of his life and take me to dinner to get to know me? Well I tossed that one right out of the rule book. I never thought that I may want to run for the hills on a date, but you never know what can happen in the world of online dating! This way, I had the option of having one drink and could duck out the back door if needed. (Just kidding, I never did that)
I met him at Yard House and we sat at the bar. He looked exactly like his picture online. This bar situation was better than all of the others in the past because we were sitting in the corner. He was on one edge of the bar and I was on the other. We were able to look at each other without getting neck cramps. 
Forget J.Crew boy, old school Abercrombie boy is here. Striped white and blue polo, dark washed jeans, spiked hair, perfect teeth, and those baby blue eyes. Check please.
Before we met up I didn’t tell him that I looked a little different then I did in my pictures. I now wish I had because on my next date karma bit me right on the behind. It was the month I decided to go blonde. I do it every year and regret it every time. When will I learn? Anyway, blondie showed up instead of the brunette he saw on the Match.com profile. He mentioned something right away.
He complimented me and said he wasn’t expecting that but it looked great. Should I have been flattered or should I have turned my gaydar on? Beep…Beep
The Yard House is known for their beers but I ordered a glass of wine instead. You think I wanted to be all bloated in the skinny jeans that took some serious sucking-in to get into? No thanks.
We had good conversation, a few things in common. I always use the golf background as good conversation material if nothing else; that always impresses. He had just taken the BAR exam and was waiting for his results. Oh a lawyer. He was commuting to work from West Palm Beach, and he was telling me about his upcoming move to Delray.
We had two drinks each and then decided to walk around. He asked if I wanted to get some ice cream. Damn you skinny jeans. 
ON A SIDE NOTE: One day I’m going to write a letter to these online dating sites and tell them they should all reimburse me since I have to pay for a gym membership so that I can fit into my pants after all the dinners, alcohol and desserts I have to consume on these dates!
We headed to the ice cream shop. On our way, he said “My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip what’s yours? I replied “NO WAY, that’s my favorite ice cream too!” Don’t judge my fabrication; every kind of ice cream is my favorite.
We got ice cream and I was actually having a great time. If you were an outsider looking at us, I am sure it looked like I was getting lost in his eyes and staring at him like I wanted to eat him instead of my ice cream.
He walked me to my car like a gentleman and he said he wanted to take me out again and he would call me. 8th date is the charm?
He told me the following day that he made reservations for us to go to Delray on Friday night to a new restaurant on the beach. This was looking promising.
Thursday evening, I received the infamous text. “I am going to have to reschedule, I have a work conflict and I have to work late.”
No problem- he did just start working at a law firm. 
Now one might think this was just a way for him to get out of it and that he didn’t want to see me again, but the next week he made plans to go out during the week instead of on the weekend, same restaurant. 
I was wrong. That time he called to cancel.
There was definitely some effort on his end, but no follow through. After a few weeks the communication stopped and I wasn’t so interested anymore. Blue-eyed boy then became break-a-date boy. I mean, I had already gone on two other dates since I saw him.