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Romeo and Juliet killed themselves for their love so I think you can answer my text message.



Little did I know I was going to run into “busy boy” on Match.com. About two months prior to receiving an email from him I actually met him at my place of work when he came in to get his car fixed. Strikingly handsome, he pulled up into the service lane in an electric blue car; that obviously has to catch anyone’s attention! I’m talking about the car, not his extremely good-looking facial features.

I went right up to him and I said “WOW, how did you do that to your car?” He told me that he owned a company that can make cars different colors. Hello coolness! I was wearing a bright pink skirt that day and asked him, “Well can you make my car this color?” and pointed to my skirt. He said “Of course I can.”

Clearly I was kidding, I really wanted to just go on a date with him, we exchanged business cards and he went on his way. I was on Match.com for about a month now and all the sudden I open up my emails and there is a message from him! (To put the picture in your head I was freaking out right about now)


Subject: Hey

“Hey, you’re the girl from the car dealership right?”


Pretty sure I did my own version of an amazing end zone touchdown dance, or it may have just looked like I had ants in my pants, but yes, that was me! We emailed back and forth and he asked me to go to dinner that week! We met at Blue Fin sushi in Parkland on a Tuesday evening. AGAIN with the sushi dates, I wasn’t joking! He was on time, wore the simplest but sexiest black tee and jeans, had great eye contact, never stopped talking, and loved the idea of sharing food, pretty much couldn’t get enough of me! (Or so I thought).

One of the questions he asked on the date was about my profile. So he actually did read it. He said you have on your headliner a quote. “Maybe we can go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper; maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.”

He said to me “Is that just the quote from Old School, or is that something that you actually want to do?” Trying to contain myself without bursting out laughing, I knew the quote was perfect to catch someone’s attention; except not to busy boy. He was more concerned that the quote was me secretly saying that I want to have a family a house ,babies and do errands on the weekends, like now.

He told me that he is on Match.com since he never has time to meet anyone because he is so busy with his new company. I didn’t realize him saying he was “so busy” really was another way of saying I will never see you; ever.

We spoke a few times over the next few days. I came up with this bright idea and just had to tell him. I know that the guy is supposed to make the plans for the second date, but when is anyone following the rules these days? I found a cooking class in Ft. Lauderdale online and thought it would be the best second date ever. I sent him the link through text and he immediately responded.

He said he would love to go but he had to work Friday night and he wouldn’t be able to make it in time for the class. Instead of just shooting down the entire idea, he came back with an even better one. “How about we cook dinner together at my house?” Until now, I thought that was probably the most adorable thing ever. I have actually thought more about it and most likely what went through his head was “how about we cook dinner together at my house and then hopefully I will woo you with my cooking skills and get lucky.” (He was a good cook, but he didn’t get lucky.)

Now, let’s be real here, I am no top chef. I am the girl who can make a mean mac & cheese and I am spectacular at making reservations. I agreed to the cooking sesh at his house and he told me to meet him at his place and we would go to the grocery store together; Again, so adorable!

Friday night came and I was beyond excited. Didn’t get canceled on this time! I went over to his house and believe me, I can’t make this up. He opens the door, I walk inside and there is a guy sitting at his kitchen table taking apart a gun. Oh shit, I’m either about to get stolen or shot, either way those endings seemed bad. He introduced me to the guy sitting at the table, “This is my brother, and he is a cop.” PHEW! Dodged the bullet on that one; literally. The brother worked night shifts so he left shortly after I got there.

We had a great evening of cooking, relaxing on the couch and stayed up until 2 am just talking. (Promise there is not another word for talking, it was just talking) He came up with this plan that he wanted me to come over for breakfast the next morning because he had a lot of errands he wanted to get done that he never has time to do, and wanted me to go with him. So I told him I will make sure he gets everything done.

I went home that night and was back at his house at 9am sharp. We had some delicious eggs and we were off. No joke, we went straight to home depot first (just like in my headliner quote, too funny!) He had to get a fan for his room, a light switch, and some type of spray to remove wallpaper from his bedroom that was put up by the previous owner of the house (really, I can’t make this stuff up.) He did realize though that we were at home depot and it was pretty much like we were doing everything I said in my profile. Oops! Then he told me he really needed a new wallet so I took him to the flea market and he picked out what he said was the perfect one. I’m really winning this one over so far.

We went back to his house, ate lunch, went to the pool, walked his dogs and had a wonderful day. His brother woke up late in the afternoon and I told him everything that we did. He said that his brother has never done anything like that and he couldn’t believe I got him to do all those errands. His brother told him that their mom was having his family over for dinner in front of me. Now that I think more about it I am not sure if this was a pre-planned escape. I didn’t want to intrude so I said that’s fine you go have a great time I will go home. We hugged goodbye and he said he would call me.

He didn’t.

A few days went by and I sent him a text to see how he was, no response. About two weeks later I got a message that said he was really busy traveling for his company. We didn’t speak again.

But wait, there is more! As you know, the first place I met him was where I work. So who did I run into at 9am when walking into work about a month later? BUSY BOY. Can you say awkward? We said hi, and walked opposite ways. We have run into each other about 3 times in the past 4 months. The most recent run in was the best.

He actually came into my office  at work to ask me how I was. I was in a very interesting mood that day, and I unleashed the fury . I told him that he shouldn’t be on Match.com if he isn’t looking for something. No one is really “too busy” to send back a simple text message. People’s phones are attached to their hips, especially for guys who wear that silly clip. Everyone goes to the bathroom and brings their phones with them, I’m sure he even sleeps with his phone under his pillow; you can send me a quick message.

Maybe dreams do come true, but mine? Nope, they just get crushed…and usually by a large locomotive.